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PW4U : Live Wire 07/09/2019 thumbnail

The Scallys Vs Kameron Solas And Joe Boulton. Henry T Grodd Vs Dominita No Disqualificaions. G6 5-man Mayhem Match : Marc Morgan (c) Vs G-Wiz Vs Ryan Gold Vs Ritmo Vs Ricky Nitro. Keith Myatt Vs Matt Burns. PW4U Championship : Ry Lloyd Vs Dave DelVecchio (c).

Pro Wrestling 4 U

PW4U : Home Sweet Home 07/03/2020 thumbnail

PW4U's 9 Year Anniversary Show; Home Sweet Home !
The Super Athletes VS The Jolly Boys, Perfect Paul James VS Matt Burns, Ritmo VS Troy Goose, The Draper Brothers VS The Myatt Legacy, The Super Athletes VS The Draper Brothers, Perfect Paul James VS Charles Kelsey, Dave DelVecchio & Drill VS The Sovereigns Marc Morgan & G-Wiz Bond.

Pro Wrestling 4 U

PW4U : Jeepers Sleepers 01/11/2019 thumbnail

The last PW4U Show of 2019 'Jeepers Sleepers'. We will see Tag Team Champions The Sovereign VS Ritmo & Ry Lloyd, Hollie Barlow VS Henry T Grodd, PW4U G6 Champion VS Sugar Dunkerton, The Myatt Legacy VS The Draper Brothers, PW4U Champion Dave DelVecchio VS Drill.

Pro Wrestling 4 U

PW4U : On The Roxx 02/02/2020 thumbnail

The 1st show of 2020 for PW4U, as we head to the Holy Trinity in Newcastle-Under-Lyme for 'On The Roxx'.
Troy Goose & Bjorn VS Luna Rox & Ritmo, Perfect Paul James VS Geordie Stu, Dave DelVecchio VS Lance Revera w/Stacey Rose, The Myatt Legacy VS The Jolly Boys, PW4U Champion Drill VS RJ Silva.

Pro Wrestling 4 U

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