New Wave Wrestling - NWW 5

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New Wave Wrestling - NWW 5

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Continuing the work of Dragon Pro under a fresh new look and updated ethos. We aim to produce and nurture the current and new wave of talent out of Wales, the U.K. and beyond!

NWW 5:

Match 1 - Bowl-A-Rama v Woke Academy

Match 2 - Daisy Jenkins v Ruby

Match 3 - Nico Angelo v Rayne Leverkusen

Match 4 - Brendan White v Chris Bronson

Match 5 - Iron Hearts v BlockBusters

Match 6 - Harrison Bennet v Connor Mills

Match 7 - Scramble Match

Match 8 - James Ellis v Andy Roberts

It is our honour to showcase the talent that is coming through the doors at NWW! Professional Wrestling is a community and we loved being part of St Andrews. Head over to the NWW socials for all updates on future events.

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