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Featuring: Tenille Dashwood, Jeff Cobb, ‘90s football references and more!

Pro Wrestling Chaos

ANARCHY Show 1 thumbnail

Our first show of 2018! Tag titles introduced and The Agency solidify's its power!

Fight Factory Wrestling

ANARCHY Show 2 thumbnail

We return to the Engine shed Lincoln with our over 18s show.
New titles fought and gained!

Fight Factory Wrestling

Britannia Wrestling:Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena thumbnail

Drew Parker VS Saxon Huxley
BWP Championship Of Wales - Big T Justice (Representing Philthy Woodvine) VS Drill
The Power Couple VS Captain Fabulous & Lucy Sky
Sam Gradwell VS Soner Dursun
PWI World Tag Team Titles - Wonderland VS Dylan Roberts & Babyface Pitbull
Dominita VS Lizzy Styles
PWI:BWP World Catchweight Championship - Pyro VS Dean MacManus

Britannia Wrestling Promotions

PW4U : Ho Ho Ho Let's Go! 03/12/17 thumbnail

The Myatt Legacy vs Dem Tellins Boys
Noah vs Marc Morgan
Juken vs Alex Bower vs Ry Lloyd
Big T vs G-Wiz
PW4U World Championship Hardcore Rules 4 Way Match - Henry T Grodd vs Dave Delvecchio vs Geordie Stu vs Sexy Kev (C)

Pro Wrestling 4 U

PW4U : The Golden Ticket 13/10/17 thumbnail

Ry Lloyd vs Alex Bower
Juken vs Noah
Big T Justice vs Cyanide
Henry T Grodd vs Matthew Brooks
Dave Delvecchio vs Sexy Kev

Pro Wrestling 4 U

PW4U : Versus The World! 10/09/17 thumbnail

Ry Lloyd vs White Tiger
Noah & Bert Fabulous vs The Myatt Legacy
Dave Delvecchio vs Killian Jacobs
Dan Evans & Marc Morgan vs Drill & Big T Justice
Sexy Kev vs Henry T Grodd

Pro Wrestling 4 U

PW4U : Release The Kraken 09/06/17 thumbnail

The Barmy Army vs 2 Broke Blokes
Keith Myatt vs Craig West
Henry T Grodd vs Drill
Dave Delvecchio vs Ry Lloyd
Juken vs Robert Sharpe
Sexy Kev vs The Babyface Pitbull

Pro Wrestling 4 U

PW4U : Hell In The Well 15/04/17 thumbnail

Ry Lloyd vs. Juken
Alex Bower vs. Drill
Geordie Stu vs. Dave Delvecchio
2 Broke Blokes vs. Drill & Ry Lloyd
Team Pitbull vs. Team Kev

Pro Wrestling 4 U