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Encore thumbnail

The last show of the Chaos Management before it moves on to pastures new!

Featuring Danny Jones Vs Mike Bird for the King of Chaos Championship & Shax last match ever against No Fun Dunne!

Pro Wrestling Chaos

Requiem thumbnail

The last weekend of the Chaos Management started with a 30 person rumble & Ligero Vs Mike Bird in an I Quit match!

Pro Wrestling Chaos

The Nakatomi Kings Oak Plaza Festive Incident thumbnail

This is an emotional one!

Danny Jones Vs Mark Haskins, Ligero & Bird face mystery opponents.

There’s returns, twists & turns in our last show of 2019

Yippie Ki Yay Melon Farmer!

Pro Wrestling Chaos

Welcome to the Wild South West thumbnail

Wicked Wild...Wicked Wild South West!

Mike Bird Vs Mark Haskins, Danny Jones Vs Jodan Devlin...would you like some gravy for these bangers?

Pro Wrestling Chaos

All Or Nothing 2019 thumbnail

Our biggest show of the year! Featuring:

King of Chaos Championship: Mike Bird Vs James Drake ©
Maiden of Chaos Championship: Shax Vs Gisele Shaw Vs Jinny Vs Dani Luna ©
Knights of Chaos Championships: Ligero/Zack Gibson Vs Dick Riley/Big Grizz Vs Anti Fun Police Vs Robinson/Beano ©
Modern Culture (Danny Jones/Brendan White) Vs South Wales Sub Culture (Mark Andrews & Morgan Webster)
Scotty Davis Vs Mark Haskins
Eddie Ryan Vs Lee Hunter
The Wild Boar Open Challenge

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Pro Wrestling Chaos

Dark Days, Bright Knights thumbnail

Our last stop before ‘All or Nothing’ with a huge six-man main event of Big Grizzly, Dick Riley & Mike Bird vs. Grizzled Young Veterans and a mystery partner!

Pro Wrestling Chaos

Heir To The Throne 2019 thumbnail

Yeah, this show was a bit mad wasn’t it!

Dick Riley Vs James Drake
The Heir to the Throne match
Shax & Dani Luna in a Street Fight

And LOADS more!

Pro Wrestling Chaos

It’s Alright, It’s Just a Little Airborne! thumbnail

NXT UK’s Dani Luna takes on Shax for the Maidens of Chaos Championship. Mike Bird challenges grizzled young veteran James Drake for the King of Chaos Championship in the main event. Also featuring fan favourites Chuck Mambo, Man Like Beano, and many more!

Pro Wrestling Chaos

Total Chaos 2019 thumbnail

Anything can happen, anyone could face anyone! No one knows!

Pro Wrestling Chaos

Chaosfather thumbnail

Featuring: Dick Riley Vs Eddie Dennis, Paul Robinson Vs Beano, Shax Vs Nina Samuels & more!

Pro Wrestling Chaos

Powerbombs & Cutters & Obviously Superkicks thumbnail


The ROH TV Title being defended as Big Grizz challenges Jeff Cobb, plus Beano vs Paul Robinson & Dick Riley vs Mark Haskins vs Joel Redman

Pro Wrestling Chaos

Don’t Be A Menace To Chaos While Drinking Your Haze In The Wood thumbnail

We kick off 2019 with a bang with an insane 6 man of Project Superbad Times Are Coming vs. Beano/Shane Strickland/Robbie X.

And our main event of Big Grizzly vs. Dick Riley in a Three Stages of Chaos match for the King of Chaos Championship!

Pro Wrestling Chaos